Orthodontics And Orthopedics

Orthodontics in Adults and Children

Orthodontic treatment with self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets are ligatureless brackets that have a built-in mechanical device that opens and closes like a gate. When the gate is closed the archwire is held in the bracket slot and replaces the steel/elastomeric ligature. Self-ligating brackets allow the specialist to exert lighter forces compared to conventional orthodontics. This is a major advantage for adult and periodontal disease patients.

Sapphire esthetic brackets
Sapphire is a precious mineral and, after diamond, is one of the hardest materials in nature. Sapphire brackets are made of a single pure sapphire crystal, making them the clearest and most esthetic brackets there are.

Orthopedics is a discipline that guides the growth of the jaws using removable appliances. Orthopedics works mainly on children's bones and muscles, helping them to avoid anomalies that would not be possible to correct with orthodontics in adulthood.